Andrej “Gover” Filep is a Slavic artist from Slovakian town KoŇ°ice, painter, restorer, graphic artist and designer of his own brand called Gover since 2013.
He’s also a son of known artist, academic painter Stefan Filep, who mostly makes classic art. Unlike him, he makes modern art, more clear, contrast and younger.

As a young artist, he began his work with portraits and still making them nowadays,
in his specific black and white style and in making linocuts, in which structure and motives he used in designs of clothing.

Later on, he started to get into more modern paintings, where he uses contrasts, vivid colours,features of Street art, geometry and abstraction, from which he creates his freestyle , inspired mostly by surroundings, the world around him, music , visuals and also his big passion – parfumes. Yes, that’s right, even feelings that are created from different scents are part “of some of his “paintings. Because the art is not just a painting on the wall, good music or even acting, but the art is everything we can feel by all our senses and it vibrates. This is all he puts into his work. The paintings are full of positive energy and some of them , they light in the dark, so the viewer can feel good and to be re-energised. Pleasent memories, moments, dreams and unforgettable atmosphere caught in those paintings are supposed to offer the feelings of luxury and value in people’s homes and interiors.

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